Website Hosting

Hosting with us is always advised, whether we designed your website or you’re just looking for a home for your website. Website Brothers hosting offers three packages: Shells Hosting, Oysters Hosting and Pearls Hosting. Before we get into to cost please consider hosting as the most important part of your website, without correct support and proper management you might find yourself in a bit of trouble. So when looking for a Website Design and hosting company, look for personalized service. Look for stability and security. These combined will lead to the best hosting company for your website.

Affordable Website Hosting Service

What we can offer you and how serious we are about making sure you never have problems when hosting your website with us. Website design and hosting are linked directly to your website’s success. Finding a company that offers both affordable website design and hosting can be tricky. We offer a personal one on one managed service. No waiting for hours on the hosting hotline, if you host with us you get direct access to owner managed service.

Best Website Hosting Service

We have bulk server space in Texas, USA this means no bottle neck South African speeds our upload and download speeds are on a 100mbps line ( that’s ten times faster than South Africa’s fastest internet). We also have dual server hosting which means if there is a problem with one server the second server ( back up server ) will stop any interruption in your website being live.

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