Payments and Billing

Hosting Fees for 2019

Annual Hosting:

  • Website and E-mails: Includes Maintenance on plugins and software – R2200.00
  • Emails only – R990.00
  • VPS – R3999.00
  • Dedicated server – R4999.00

Monthly Hosting:

  • Website and E-mails: Includes Maintenance on plugins and software– R289.00
  • Emails only – R99.00
  • VPS – R399.00
  • Dedicated server – R499.00

The prices above are the standard prices for hosting, please note that the prices are subject to change due to the disk space and/or number of emails used on your account. We will notify you when you have reached quota

By Hosting with Website Brothers, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Client is to pay hosting fee for each domain hosted with us e.g. if the client has 2 domains hosted with us, then the client must pay for each domain.
  2. Each Invoice must be paid within 7 days starting on the day the invoice was sent to you, failure to do so will result in your account being terminated.
  • It is also the clients’ responsibility to report if they are not receiving invoices, especially monthly invoices.
  1. If your company has changed the contact details, i.e. the person who is responsible for the invoices, email address and/ or the contact number, it is a client’s responsibility to send an email to and update us with the new contact details.
  2. It is the clients’ responsibility to inform us if they wish to cancel their account with us, especially clients’ who are on debit order, notification period is 30 days. Please send an email to to notify us about this so that we can stop debiting the money from your account.
  3. The hosting fee does not include support. Should an issue arise, we will investigate to establish if it is a server related error and assist a client when he/she is experiencing minor problems with his/her emails. Should the problem not be server related, we would need to bill for our time – R550.00 per hour for support.
  • Our standard disk space and emails per account are as follows, Diskspace :2000MB/s, Bandwidth: 10 000Mb/s and 10 Emails – more space and emails can be added at an additional cost


  1. Website Brothers will not be held responsible for the following damages to your website:
    • Malware or virus attacks
      • Website changes/modifications, uploading of new products, etc. is not included in the hosting fees. This will be quoted on accordingly.
    • Your website going down – Client’s will have access to cPanel and website backend. For this reason, we will not be held liable for when a website goes down. We will investigate to rule out server related causes. If it is not on our end, we will bill to resolve the issue.
    • Reaching or exceeding your disc space